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Watching a Movie vs. Writing a Blogpost

Gosh! Its past nine. Looks like I can give a shot at only one of the things I had wanted to do post dinner. The past one hour has just zipped in a moment. So, lets toss-up.

Writing is the first want, but a well-made Hollywood thought provoking movie is an amazing way to get the inspiration to express with abandon. Like the other day I watched Midnight is Paris and relished my old hero Hemingway’s arrogant conversation akin to Viv’s swagger and Gertrude Stein’s incisive comments on a book draft. The infectious Parisian abundance of thoughts and time. As if, the characters had all the time in the world and hence could party 7 nights a week. If that was what 1920’s geniuses - – Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Stein, T.S.Eliot and a host of other – did; then when did they work to produce their masterpieces. Did they just ooze genius! ? That, every word that escaped their pen and every stroke their brush produced meant something captivating. Not to mention, the alluring imageries and the joy associated with walking in the rain and receding to some no man’s land mingling with scenic nature (just 30 minutes from the city) to read a book and saunter around doing nothing. That is Mid Night is Paris. I guess this one paragraph is a good advert for the movie. Watch it if you haven’t yet. It has everything what I look for in a well made movie – short [rather not too long], great script with a subtle sense of humour, some sensitivity but not melodramatic, fantastic cinematography, awesome shots, memorable acting yet not dominating the frames and a story line which has a message – moulds our consciousness that wee bit and leaves an imprint on us forever. The end result – you wanna express. Maybe just sit for hours together a write a book or maybe read a hundred good pages, till you wanna want to write.

Another Oscar success, that fits the bill perfectly is ‘The Help’. Super must watch. Gives a glimpse of Southern Americas in the 60’s. Amidst the height of racism. History, wit, courage, character, again great acting – yet not dominating neither the story nor the frames, some really good scores, strong emotions which blend the scenes without getting overbearing, and of course it’s wit that throws us up into splits periodically . It is elegance personified, which is doubly crafty considering the charged social context and a powerful message. Another great movie and hence a source a deluge of thoughts that come racing into the mind and the urge to drop everything and go to Paris and just write for ever.  

So let me re-articulate it as Watching a Movie and Writing a Blogpost. But,I guess, for next time round, as the blogpost is done for now. Also its touching ten and the time to say goodbye to this Sunday night .

May 12, 2013


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