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Thanx Rishi!!

Hey U,

You know, why a lazy bum is talking to you thru is new world contraption (or such like thing); its cos I know this stud guy Rishi (for short). I have been reading in the papers of every 'no one' in Hollywood talking about his or blog. Also I have read some excellent blogs by people like you and me, expressing very perceptively about our daily lives. But somehow, I had not got down to having my own - despite this blog mania being around for sometime.

Perhaps, I was a bit overawed by this 'internet' and all this offshoots beyond the email. The very same way, I am not clued on to the mobile mania - for anything other than 'yapping'. Kinda old way of thinking I guess.

The whole thing changed thanks to Hello! CM ( and Rishi. Catching up with Rishi made this stuff look simple nuff to try and now, sitting beside me, he has coached me to mk this happen.

Guess more such mindless 'unmuddling' ll happen going forward.

Thanx a ton Rishi, cert…

This Supreme Court ruling isnt among my favourites

There was this interesting case in MP, which was heard by both MP High Court and then by the Supreme court - which didnt make waves really. Some got lost in the din of the elections (or maybe practicality of not asking too many ques); probably it wasnt enough ammunition for electioneering.

For someone like me, who hardly moves beyond sports page and sometimes the ed, it could hv been an easy miss too. But when I read that young Salim of MP had moved the Supreme Court on a ruling by a missionary school barring him from sporting a beard. I have very curious of what the outcome would be. In fact we hardly hear of a Muslim lad feeling discrimnated by his school Fathers.

What actually happened is SC, deemed fit to rule to uphold the decision of the school authorities - citing the rights of minority institutions. The decision must be correct, as it was coming from an SC judge. But in the current social context, this decision made me want to 'unmuddle...'.

Resulting in a letter to TOI e…