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Don’t Smirk at the Chinese, Evny ‘em, Ape ‘em

Yes the gold medal haul example again – but that’s just one. The opening ceremony at Guangzhou, the lovely religio-festive and decorative artefacts [ganeshas, diwali crackers, candles] at awesomely value prices that have swept Indian [Read global] markets, the global IT manufacturing monopoly almost, credible story in IT/ITES, the strengthening Yuan, the consistent economic growth. That’s the real story.

We can rile the Chinese at the roadside here, we can ridicule their communist background. Yes, the Chinese top brass – seem intolerant on the Dalai Lama issue; they come across as land grabbers in the Arunachal Pradesh story [so do we to some people in the world in the POK issue – but I know we are not ;)]. Many times we here stories of journos gagged and populist voice stifled [Tainammen Square]. Despite a partisan western media, these stories may be as correct as the above macro indicators.

But the macro indicators still remain. A 150 crore or so people cannot be gagged and flogged to…

MNP - the imminent loss of public wealth. Sell off BSNL/MTNL.

History repeats itself. It’s a cliché. But like most clichés, it might come true sometime soon. The wealth destroying saga of Indian Airlines Industry is starting to get replicated in the Indian Telecom Industry. Billions of dollars of the exchequers money has been lost in the past by delaying an exit to nullify a strategic advantage.

Post independence, the government had to invest and nurture many high investment, long gestation services as a part of national building. Airlines, railways, education, steel, ship building etc etc. These were inevitable and were steps in the right direction. These industries helped India gain both self sufficiency in many ways and global acceptance as a force which can take care of itself and be accepted a geo-politics force.

But then, all policies and strategies have a context. Globally, there are lot of case studies to show that government organizations create both social and economic wealth when they are there to hold Atlas’ responsibilities to buil…

Save the Earth - Consume Smart

Its out in the open that the global ecological balance is deteriorating every day. We all know that if we continue to consume as compulsively as we do, the doomsday will come sometime. The question is whether it will come in our generation or whether we will beat it by a hundred years or more. The answer to this we don’t know – the secret is that we don’t want to know. Lest the answer should spoil our mood, and more importantly force us to look at the world, life & living, differently from what we have looked at for a almost 60-70 years now as a race.

The massive strides in scientific knowledge have actually pandered to the senses. To shop to consume, to be occupied – is to give ourselves a perception of fulfilled living, while we hurtle towards destruction. It is all wired too deeply in our psyche.

Where does the solution lie? One solution, it for all of us to go back to a 1000 years behind time. No electricity, no airplanes, no gasoline guzzling vehicle, no anti-biotics, lower li…

Tell Something About Yourself

I have always found – ‘Tell something about yourself’ – to be a tricky request to respond to. I always have to fear of either telling too little or talking too much. Or for that matter, not contextualizing well and talking in a tangent. But then, I have write about myself. I don’t have a choice – even though writing a meaningful introduction is so much more difficult than ‘telling something about ones ownself’. However the fact I have to write [something or the other] in this pretext, makes me feel a bit better.

There I go then. A wee bit of an introduction there in the introductory lines. I love writing. Writing gives me a sense of self esteem and space. I blog on every sundry topic I lay my minds on – either in my diary or [more likely these days] in my web corner ‘’. But nay the world doesn’t know me as a writer. I do other things for a living and few other things for health & relaxation.

More about me then. By training I am an engineer [I have a Bache…