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Employee Engagement: Another Opportunity to Challenge the People Riddle

Business leaders cutting across all industries, functional areas and size of operations have one common challenge: People. In fact, if we ask entrepreneurs and professionals in leadership positions to name  their top three challenges – the answer will be people, people and people.
The real issue is not only how to get the best resources but also  how to get the best out of them. . The first part – how to get the best resources depends upon the talent pool available in the market and the competition for it. External factors have a significant bearing on recruitment effectiveness. On the other hand, how to get the best out of the resources is internal to an organization and offers myriad opportunities for the innovative business leaders and HR managers to play around with. There are a large number of tools and frameworks available in the human resource domain to increase organizational performance, employee engagement is one of the foremost.
What is employee engagement? Employee Engagem…