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The Intrigue of My Self Image

Like a normal human being I have a self image. It is this self-image which gets me going, smugly. Here I am not going into the different layers of inner fears which afflict our self-image. My perception of the self image is the simple and innate justification which I [like everyone else] have for my self-dignity, sound sleep and the general feeling that I am doing quite ok.

Well, coming back to the main track. I have gotten to realize my self-image is not based on my actions. It is at best linked to my intentions & aspirations, and most likely it is more based on my perceptions of what should be my intentions & aspirations. As I talk stock objectively, I realize that there is a huge gap in my self-image and in terms of past outcomes.

This is very interesting. The self image is protected or often amplified based on what I want to do; but in reality there is gap based on facts. This takes me back to my sociology class in my b-school. We learnt, that if an affliction is with one pe…

Leadership – Persuasion and Communication

Every leader is an entrepreneur, in the same way as every entrepreneur needs to be a good leader in more ways than one. Similarly, as I see every leader needs to be a visionary; in the same as every visionary needs to be a good leader to channelize her/his vision.

Being an entrepreneur – in the sense being enterprising and resourceful, or for that matter being a risk taker – and being a visionary – in the sense of demonstrating foresight and ideating the map of tomorrow – have significant overlaps with being a leader. But more I delve of on the topic of leadership, the more it seems obvious is that a leadership is distinct from entrepreneurship and being a visionary. There are definite overlaps, but they are different. Both the entrepreneur and the visionary, need to focus – as an end in itself - on the leadership dimension to live up to their entrepreneurial skills and vision.

I am defining leadership as continuous alignment and re-alignment. Aligning the energy & mental make-u - …

Dhoni’s World Cup Woes – The Media Much Ado

As I write this piece, India has already qualified for the quarter-finals but the final Group B league match is yet to be decided. That match will decide whether India will finish 2nd or 3rd in the group. And whether we will face Australia or will we meet Sri Lanka in the quarters?

Going back to mid Feb and the run-up to the world-cup, India was touted as the run-away favourites by the media. Despite the fact the hosts had ever won the world-cup and also despite the fact that India had lost the one day series to South Africa from a winning position. Also, media found it convenient to forget Australia were the number one team in the ICC ODI rankings. So here we go silly media hype, pandering to the emotions of Indian public or may getting swayed by road-side gully cricket emotions. Or maybe Mindless Media is more apt because of the quasi alliteration.

A month down the line. It’s the demons that are out. [Methinks – thankfully, though. That reigns in a crescendo of expectation to saner le…