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Aamir Khan's 'Intolerance' Remarks - The Argumentative Indian

Aamir's views - what he said or what he did not say - are a non-issue. At least relative to the decibel levels of social media, his voice is at best a mild squeak.

What stuck in my psyche in the whole shouting match is the title of a book by another Indian icon 'The Argumentative Indian'. When Dr Amartya Sen gave this title - he loosely meant the habit to weigh ones arguments in a group, thus leading to a higher level collective wisdom (or thats the impression I got when I read the book). However 'argumentative' that I am talking about is of arguing for the heck of it - i.e. the 'quarrelsome types' - without listening and without heeding to facts.

Firstly, Aamir did not say he wanted to leave. Only his wife was making a suggestion. The only sane argument against Aamir (even if the idea leaving India crossing the mind can be considered to be a blasphemous idea) would have been to sell out his wife :), by making an innocuous private conversation public. Espe…

Observations From Bihar Elections - Nov 2015

The best thing about Bihar elections, as far my selfish interests go, is that I am visiting my blog after months and feel like writing a few lines. Without further pleasantries, lemme go straight to the point(s):

NDA Vote Share ~34% (2015), vis-a-vis ~38.5% (2014). JDU+ Vote Share ~45% (2015), vis-a-vis ~ UPA+JDU ~ 43% (2014)

BJP was simply lucky in 2014, that the Mahagathbadhan was not mooted at that time. Had it been mooted in 2014. BJP would have got all the seats in got in Bihar. It would not have got a majority on its own in 2014.Master Stroke by RAGA & team. Increased own seats to 20+ from 4. Made NAMO bite dust.In the first past the post system - the seats secured are poor surrogates to reflect the mood of the electorate. Neither in 2014 nor in 2015, were the winning parties as popular in terms of popular mood nor were the losing parties as lagging as the seat shares showed. The positive side of the first past the post system is that it allows the number…