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Dawn Drops - An Anthology of Poems

I was searching for Untamed Heart in Amazon and instead bumped into Dawn Drops. Was happily surprised to see that Mona had published a anthology of poems way back in 2001 (A Writers Workshop Redbird Book). Belated Congratulations.

Many of us write articles / poems - which are hidden in almost forgotten diaries, odd newspaper clippings, college magazines and folders/hard-drives. Mona has nice expression for such people - 'closet writers'. But she has broken out of that mould and has started putting her work 'out there' (to borrow another of her expressions). Untamed Heart is a full length fiction published by Tara in 2016, her work is also a part of a collection of short stories Love Across a Broken Map ( recently launched in London. To know more about her and her views, go to or just google her up. Good work Mona, keep it up.

Coming back to Dawn Drops. It has about 50 refreshing poem…

WFI, Sushil Kumar, Narsingh Yadav - The Good, the bad and the unfortunate

The facts first..

1. Narsingh Yadav earned a quote for India by winning bronze in the Rome world cup in the 74 KG category.

2. Sushil Kumar, the two time Olympic medallist, was injured so he could not participate in the Rome World cup and could not get a quota for India

3. Sushil Kumar says, the quota is for India so there should be trials for Rio games and the person with the best chance for getting a medal for the country should go. He was gunning for gold in Rio and is desperate to participate

4. Wrestling Federation of India feels - there should be an incentive to get a quota by being automatically selected for the Olympics. This has normally happened in India and is also happening to the other wrestlers in other categories. WFI feels it will an unwise and unhealthy decision to break from the precedence.

5. Narsingh feels that it is his right to go to Rio, going by precedence

What does this mean...

1. Good: There is competition in 74 category. Which is a great sign. Wrestling in …

Kohli is truly Virat

Virat is the best batsman ever in Indian cricket. Even if this means I need to give him higher marks than Tendulkar, Gavaskar and Dravid (well those are the only three there is any doubt, if at all).
Virat has played out barely half his career and he needs to play at this level for a few more years to have comparable stats. But what has made make this bold statement, is his ability to constantly improve and adapt. His focus on goals.
 Two stats of IPL 2016 - 36 sixes, 4 centuries in IPL 2016 (at the end of the 13 league matches for RCB) are enough. For someone who publicly stated more than once a month or two earlier (during Asia Cup and World Cup) that his game is not suited for hitting sixes and he depends one fours to achieve the desired to strike rates; his transformation as six hitter is mind blowing. As I am writing this blog he has the maximum numbers of sixes to his credit - ahead to McCullum, Gayle, Raina, ABD at the likes. 
The other transformation is scoring 100s, he had n…

BJP - Choose your battles please

BJP's response to the Mr Modi's certificate ruckus raised by Mr Kejriwal betrays its tendency to overreact on non-issues. At one end, in the past the PM has more than once maintained a stoic silence on hate speech by his colleagues. At the other end - we find M/s Shah and Jaitley making a public appearance to defend Mr Modi's certificate.

To an impartial observer, like your truly, this is at best poor judgement (read obsequiousness) and at worst nervousness. Such public statements should have at best been made by PMO's spokesperson or his personal secretariat. Maybe the BJP could have advised Mr Kejriwal to seek info vide RTI and just kept quiet.
There was no need to raise the ante on this issue by involving senior minister (every minute of whose time is accountable to the people of the country) and the party president to give a rebuttal.
Grow up BJP.