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WFI, Sushil Kumar, Narsingh Yadav - The Good, the bad and the unfortunate

The facts first..

1. Narsingh Yadav earned a quote for India by winning bronze in the Rome world cup in the 74 KG category.

2. Sushil Kumar, the two time Olympic medallist, was injured so he could not participate in the Rome World cup and could not get a quota for India

3. Sushil Kumar says, the quota is for India so there should be trials for Rio games and the person with the best chance for getting a medal for the country should go. He was gunning for gold in Rio and is desperate to participate

4. Wrestling Federation of India feels - there should be an incentive to get a quota by being automatically selected for the Olympics. This has normally happened in India and is also happening to the other wrestlers in other categories. WFI feels it will an unwise and unhealthy decision to break from the precedence.

5. Narsingh feels that it is his right to go to Rio, going by precedence

What does this mean...

1. Good: There is competition in 74 category. Which is a great sign. Wrestling in India has progressed well. 8-9 participants for Rio is a fabulous sign too. Good medal prospects.

2. Bad: One of the two wrestlers will feel they got a raw deal - irrespective of whatever happens.

3. Unfortunate: WFI is taking easy decisions, not decisions that will promote excellence and efficiency. The point we need to think of 'and' solutions and not 'or' solutions. We need to find a way to both incentivise wrestlers to get quotas plus try to ensure that the best bet to get a medal goes to the games. Are we saying that the hockey team which gave us the quota for Olympics will go, there will be no more selections/trials. A person is expected to do well in quota events because he is a professional (and other incentives - cash and non cash can be added); giving an Olympic berth may not be the only way to incentivise.  Twenty years down the line, when the competition will be hotter in India, it is inevitable the trials will be held - as there will be many claimants and the country will be hungry for gold not incentives for getting quotas. Trials have to start sometime -sooner or later. Why not now? As a country we must focus on excellence at all costs. It is unfortunate that WFI is missing the bus.


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