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Do You Indulge in the Wasteful Pastime of Writing?

Over the past few days I have found myself wondering more than a few times – a wee bit more than in passing – why do some people write. I mean lovlier things to do – maybe date, chat, play, sleep, preen, pore through the window watching trees or street cricket or watching the crazy variety of people and situations in play.…..and maybe work [for productive people]…..or the best other option – just do nothing, sit tight. Or goddamn watch TV [yuck!!...nah I take it back, writing is 1001 times better….despite its nerdy self]…….ok well…watch TV [assuming you have the choice to flick the channels of your choice].

With this wide repertoire of options – and many dozen more, depending upon the ingenuity of the person – why do people write the question remains!!!!

Damn it the answer is easy – people write for the same reason as people take bribes. That is people write because other people read. In the same way, the people take bribes as people give bribes [or do you want me to put ulta – i.e peop…

Goading! The Cocoon of Assurance. For best results with Pan-pasand Candy.

Time immemorial, ladies have been branded as goaders - twas actually an euphemism for women being stereotyped as ‘naggers’. I even recollect Allan and Barbara [the Pease family for novices ;)] citing an example from olden days where a bechari wife was dunked in the cold river for nagging her poor hubby a bit too much…[ungrateful man!]

Infact there is very eerie way the dunking used to be done for naggers those days [in UK, if I recollect correctly], like they have this person in a stool and way it goes down under freezing cold water….and they used to call it by some specific term [will look it up sometime].

As I ponder over this – I have queer mixture of amusement and alas feeling. Yah, the other feeling – I mean, kuch tau alag has to happen for me to be writing about goading [or nagging as the pessimists may say] here.

Over the years, I really believe a great gift for men [or for that matter women] is to have a ‘nagger’ around [I would like to take it as a ‘goader’ actually]. I mean – w…

Nature's Joyous Still

The lovely lilies
Under the sky’s azure
Amidst this wintry chill

Is an endearing
Piece of soulful re-ignite
With the ocean like deep calm.
Ah! The engulfed joyous still.

Thanks! Nature.
The Beauty-Goddess, for
Time and again de-gravitating
The peaceful reservoir within, to my fill.

Jan 26, 2010 ..edits on jan 27/28th / 30th
New Delhi

Collection of Poems

Some poems which I hit I was sifting through the ole rubble of matter...was happy to explore whether i wd like em if read em now......and whether there cd b more 30-40 poems which i can lay my hand upon.....cheers!! that then is plan for 2010....get all the ole diaries into one place....n pore thru the ole what i had forgetten abt myself...sometimes get marvelled, sometimes bite the lips with more of magnanimous amusement...u know what i mean..:) the end...pick up 30-40 poems....which can be shared with others in the form of a book....n if there wont be such nos to boast of...then write some more....or beg/borrow/steal from others ...with due credits ofcos....infact i definitely want to hv 'Scar' my u first 3.....u wd hv known by now, am always a bit lazy for am glad to let go the poems in their raw form....but ll certainly do the needful..or hv some dear friends do em...before i wd hv a collection formally …

Animal Farm Revisited

It is the urge to quell the queerness of the ‘After Blenheim’ syndrome [do a google and read the poem guess what I mean – I hv coined this term especially for this piece] that has made me want to re-read a few books which I had enjoyed years back. Books, whose impact on me and their core message I could vividly remember. However, when I confronted my self with more probing questions - I found I was woefully short in citing anecdotes and plot to a degree of detail.

That led to my re-reading two books which adored big all my life – ‘Siddhartha’ and ‘Animal Farm’ – another of my big favourites – ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ I will re-read shortly too ….Well lemme take another digression, from the main plot and make a ‘pithy’one-liner – the best stories are the ones pithy!! [?].

But then, lemme end the meanderings and return to the caption. Animal Farm’s re-read – this time threw up a new dimension of thought – as a re-read of any good book does.

How often we humans change during our lifetimes……

Deemed Universities Should Go!!.....

Well we all know – as of us who follow edu sector – that Mr. Sibal means business. He has a point of view – refreshingly. And he is keen to wear it on his sleeves. Any follower of Indian governance, would like it. Cos – it’s a welcome change from sloth and follow the herd mentality. I unequivocally admire him for that.

However, – yeah, the ‘but’ had to butt in :) – lets ponder for a few minutes on Mr. Sibal’s pronouncements….. The scrapping of 10th board; uniform board exams and now scrapping deemed universities.

We can have mindless [can I use this term here] debate on all these issues – people who relish participating in turncoat competitions would have field day, we can have countless arguments on either side of the case. However in this blog, I want myself to a short piece on Deemed Univs – I have max 30mins, before I need to move into another activity. I wanted to write on this topic, when I head about it yday – here it goes…

As a part of our edu consulting [http://www.kalingasoft.c…

Quips & Quotes Courtesy Probal

Its one of those quiet uncluttered Saturdays,
When I 'indulge' myself amidst the office space
Leaisurely browsing through the whos-who
And purposefully ticking off the to-dos.
Interspersed with illuminating thoughts to dote
And googling distantly smiled quotes - to rote...

Thats kind of summarisies the mood today - which started off with dutifullyclearing the mails, but then took off with one of Probal's mail sent in the very early hours of the day. [Probal is a bright young man straight - almost - out of campus.....certainly more classy and driven than what I was at his age] . That sparked off the race to the ole ole memory lane...the verse which eugolised which the both the boon and the bane of IT professionals [also all engg and b-school students in the country] - 'the night outs' to touch the finishing line just in time..

The search...with the wrong cluing, thankfully - took me through some delicious twists and turns into English literature and my own memory lanes. S…

Morn! Brew

Bhubs is a bit chillier these days, than what it has ever been in the past few years. This has added a bit of zing to the early morn! For Bhubs followers - some of us have been caught unawares - like Bombayites [nah! Mumbaikars? :) this ole school types in this name game it seems] got the dose last year [or was it the year before that] - but that is what has added to the zing . On a sombre note though - unfortunately there have been a few winter led indigestions [dunno if it sounds greek to some] in the family, both of Pema and Nana have been a bit down. Pema's illness spoilt the sprite for a good part of the last 2 days, but she seems to be back to her talkative self. Yday evening was a bit nauseating for Nana, though he seems better now.

Me too, someone - not known to wear any warm clothing - in the real sense of the term - in Bhubs was found looking for indoors during noon day before yesterday - even with window panes rolled up. Unthinkable in Bhubs - but it did back to it…

The Possible Gain, We Hope Not Gainsay

We will most certainly at different points in time witness, in our lives, the entire canvass of emotions – bliss, delight, serenity, peace, nostalgia, melancholy, grief etc. That is the beauty of life and that is what is probably meant by the richness of experience. While we are wont to bask in the glory of the emotions of laughter and affection - it is these emotions that sow the seeds of sanity and goodliness; and impart the self assurance required for overall optimism in life and living – the emotions associated with ‘pain’ are the ones which give us our sanity check. They help us gain core wisdom about life and living. At one end of the spectrum they show us the value of laughter and affection; at the other end of the spectrum, they can teach us the importance of nurturing them with enormous sincerity and sustainable values & habits. These situations give us the foundations of our wisdom and providence.

The biggest challenge - and concomitantly the opportunity of an invaluable …

Lantern's Grace

It is not per chance
That great souls enlighten
Unsure dark alleys; as they
Sow the seeds of wisdom.
With their gracious courage,
And their courageous grace.
It is, as if they were pre-ordained
To light the candles aglow,
For passersby and posterity to reap.

To mark the completion of Dr. Omkar Nath Mohanty's term as the Vice Chancellor of Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Bhubaneshwar. The hand-over of charge is scheduled for Jan 09, 2010.

Jan 05, 2010,

Bidding Adieu:2009 & Embracing:2010

Another verse to mark the occassion...I have already mailed this to many and published at a couple of places. Still, thought it is relevant to have it 'preserved' at the web log [or blog, as it is better known] just gv an amused smirk if this looks too familiar...Cheers!!

As we bid adieu to 2009, its time again To reflect upon the wisdom and gain; And relish the hope of 2010 Times two thousand and ten! Relish, too, its sunny birth, With resolve and mirth.