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Morn! Brew

Bhubs is a bit chillier these days, than what it has ever been in the past few years. This has added a bit of zing to the early morn! For Bhubs followers - some of us have been caught unawares - like Bombayites [nah! Mumbaikars? :) this ole school types in this name game it seems] got the dose last year [or was it the year before that] - but that is what has added to the zing . On a sombre note though - unfortunately there have been a few winter led indigestions [dunno if it sounds greek to some] in the family, both of Pema and Nana have been a bit down. Pema's illness spoilt the sprite for a good part of the last 2 days, but she seems to be back to her talkative self. Yday evening was a bit nauseating for Nana, though he seems better now.

Me too, someone - not known to wear any warm clothing - in the real sense of the term - in Bhubs was found looking for indoors during noon day before yesterday - even with window panes rolled up. Unthinkable in Bhubs - but it did back to its familiar self yesterday. - Yeah I have carried on from my Mumbai and Chennai days - where its only Warm, warmer, warmest - barring exceptions. Warm clothing is normally limited to jackets and pull-overs for Delhi - which actually do not get unpacked when I return from my North India trips. Thas the way it is.

Am certainly looking forward to stepping out of the house in quick time and get a dose of Nirvana - courtesy early my morn drive and walk. Unhooded. Yeah, I left my only sweat shirt with a head cover near the security checkin of Kolkotaa airport a couple of weeks earlier. Suddenly remember the last time I owned a woollen head cover was almost half a dozen years earlier. Thanks to the Bhubs chills for fondly taking me to an old reverie....Well thats it then...I think I need to wind up now and hit the roads.

Thanks for sitting thru this Morn! Brew. My early morn mood, conjured up by getting digitally connected with a bit of Fb, mailing and some of the blogs which I like to follow. Sounding like a net junkie - am I. Actually am not really - not yet atleast. But I hv certainly started enjoying my tryst there yet for the past week or so. Of all the indulgences - self expression is the one I love most. Espl when someone like you is following :). The longer list of eccentricities to follow later. Some other session of dabbling on the key board in the wee hours - the last few days has been real fun. Thats the mystery then. The Morn! Brew - More Refreshing than the morn dose of Caffeine or Cuppa (as the case maybe).

Jan 6, 2009
~0500 hours


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