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Momentous Joy Un-flowered

Momentous Joy Un-flowered

A flower, is a flower after all
Be it, alongside a crackling mountainside rivulet
Or, a gushing spring. Amidst hideous thorns
Or dried leaves underneath. It always,
Gives its promised smiles delightedly
And, soothingly, dances in ones reveries

As it sways and swerves in its soulful dance
As if stooping, elegantly, to listen
To your woes and it absorb its moistness
And as it makes your soak its fragrance
It quenches your age-old thirst
And basks you in a joyous calm

It knows well, life’s transience
And protects the delicate self
By purposeful nourishing the fragile soul
Enigmatically, cocooning its lovely self
And the joyous memories
From nature’s vagaries

Learning & teaching. To love and to live.
To dance rhythmically with ones soul.
And to be a balm. Full and whole.
No wonder, even if we connect with it
Just half a glance, we have with us
A source of lifetime’s joy

June 25, 2009
Midair, Delhi to Bhubaneshwar