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IT and RTI are Already Brewing Clean Governance

The biggest reason for leakages and manipulation of the system are the operational related to large numbers coupled with the general apathy for community well being. The general apathy is a cultural problem [ref blogpost Survival vs Service] and would need the re-conditioning of the society’s psyche and would be dependent upon a state of financial and/or spiritual affluence for a prolonged period of time. On the other hand, the operational bottlenecks have a solution round the corner.

Interestingly [fortunately too] while the general apathy for community puts the self above the society by a large distance – the making the individuals/groups involved with commissions and omissions justifying their acts irrespective of financial need; the same individuals/groups are eager to create to social mechanisms [wherever possible] which enables posterity to gain. A bureaucrat or a minister will be happy to implement a heavily funded project [with the satisfaction of making a healthy cut] even if …

Happy Asiad Laurels…More to come!!....When!!!

After a comparatively sedate start to the Asian Games @ Guangzhou, 2010 the Indian contingent has finished with the flourish. In the first few days of the games, it seemed to the ‘discerning’ that the Indian sportsperson are back to their true form. The CWG performance just a flash in the pan.

The nation, particularly compulsively sports lovers [yours truly included] swell with pride with such news of sporting success. Looks like we have started hitting the trajectory and that means we have starting believing in ourselves as a nation. All the big talk about India in international for a is real, not a case of statistics lying. And India going great guns is not just the haves of the digital divide or the top corner of the pyramid. Going by the laurels from unknown mofussil towns and stellar performances dotted from all corners of the country, this is really good news.

This is corroborated by the general confidence and high EQ demonstrated by the 1980+ plus DOBs. The under thirty Indian ar…

Dura Pahada Sundara [Far-away Mountains are Beautiful]

I realize how seriously we take a place we visit specifically to see it – an event in itself, and how much taken for granted are those places that we can hop in an out with regularity and ease.

Interestingly I had never wrote or thought of writing about Puri or Konark or Cuttack. Places for which reams have been and can be written. The history, the culture, the cuisine and the local chutzpah [espl. Puri / Cuttack]. Even more interestingly, I have never pondered enough on these places and their unique niceties to have them simmering in my cerebral consciousness. They are somewhere deep there sedimented at best; and at [likely] worst, I do not have the desired ammunition to do justice to write anything substantial. Probably, I will have to resort to the frivolous flourish of the might of the language as a cover.

A point to note - I have never seen the Bali Yatra [Cuttackis don’t faint please]. The Puri beach and temple I have always felt is my backyard [so had the taken for granted attitu…

The HCF of Success?...

This is something which I would have probably written in my private hand-written corner and not left it open on the blog. But then this unmuddlings is almost a private corner with highly personalized readership – that quelled the feeling of a flogged nakedness writing in this forum. Also off late am closer to following my motto of ‘Shamelessness’…which I had told myself and few others [maybe] almost 2 decades earlier would be the name of my first book/novel. Since then, I have christened and not written many a book by now. So my announcing the old name hardly makes a statement. The third reason for publishing is that – this message a trigger a train of thoughts of some. Worth a debate.

What is being successful? What is the common characteristic or the most important pre-requisite for success? How does one go about it?

These are some of the questions which have been with me in my mind for a few years now. Interesting for a large part of my life – I hardly cared to bother about wanting t…