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The Fashionable Digs at ‘Hinduvta’

I have just about started to read ‘The Argumentative Indian’ by the only one Dr. Amartya Sen. The book is making incredibly sense. Written very objectively. It has already helped me (and promises to help me more as I read further) broaden my horizons and erase a few blind nooks of . As if every word has a meaning – and was meant to be there.

But still there is this disconnect – the Hinduvta digs – which I have already encountered few times in the first 50 pages. Enough, to want get a little ‘argumentative’ about.

Hinduvta bashing, at best with anecdotal evidence but normally with inconsistent analysis based upon inadequate or contrived research, by the pseudo intellectuals ruling and influencing Indian media is a fashionable pastime. But I was a bit surprised by the same tone and [according to me] the same one-sided logic coming from the rarest of gems who is apparently extremely objective while treating almost every other theme.

I am not abashed to say that I have a soft corner for …