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Snow and Skiing at McCall

April 20th onwards we are used sweat and heat in bold and large fonts – it starts getting ‘summer-ily’ uncomfortable, aint it?. But here we go! Its not sultry weather to be wary of, its time get protected of the cold and time to enjoy the abundant snow and the slopes of McCall. Hurray!!

By the time we left McCall, everyone was crying for more. Junta was prepared the junk the rest of the GSE and settle down at picturesque Ski-ing resort. We really couldn’t have asked for more.

Again some awesome people, great affection that we received. Our hosts took the special care to see us comfortable – at times almost making us a bit embarrassed. Special thanks to all involved – Dr Ed, Dave [David], The Batchelors, Richard, James & family, Jodie, Irwin & Uma and everyone else connected directly and indirectly to this trip. Each one of us, has taken away special memories from our short 2-3 days stay [Apr 22 afternoon to Apr 25 morn] at this small town of under 5000 people.

It was the first …

Touchdown and Warmth @ Boise

Our GSE travel to RID 5400 has completed one hell of a week. Couldn’t have asked for more really. Great hosts, unbelievable camaraderie & new friendships, lotsa travelling, insightful vocational visits [espl. IT cos and universities/schools for me], a good dose of good dining and endearing fun activities. On the whole a fine blend of purposefulness and partying.

And where did it start all. @ Boise, on the 18th of April as we touched down via an Alaska / Horizon Air flight. The walk from the Aircraft to the Terminus sparked with that of Bhubaneshwar and, in a sense, set the tone of what to expect. As we stepped into the terminus we had the fully attired policewoman Shelli [Michelle] of the RID 5400’s GSE team to RID 3260 [i.e Orissa, Chattisgarh and parts of MP], greeting us in the security arena. A relief to have a familiar face in the uniform!!

As we trooped in to the lounge / public arena, there was a rousing welcome in store. The coronation with the cowboy hats sparked off the…

One More for Cricket

This piece was conceptualized in the mind around 6pm, March 29th 2011. The time Blue vs Green flannels were tensing it out at Mohali, amongst the oxymoronic raucous raptures.

Towards the early evening, as I checked the score, I felt were not in a great position and hence dropped the idea of watching the last 10 overs of the first innings. Instead, I thought I ll venture out and run some errands and maybe drive around a bit.

Wow! OMG!! Crazy Country!!! These and such like exclamations spurted out as soon as I got behind the wheel. The roads were all empty. Like a war deserted town. Just that this war was going on live in present tense a couple of thousand kilo metres away. And as I drove around a bit more – as the India position looked worth a grin or a grinner - I saw traffic posts being deserted. Shops either totally empty and full house [with the entire neighbourhood glued to the tele].

Such is the power of the religion Cricket in this country. Such is the emotional drama associated w…