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An Artist’s Nirvana

An artist’s life is the perfect canvas to get closer to moksha. The line came to me spontaneously as I closed my eyes to chart the life of my dearest wife. In the current era of single currency [that is money, unlike the days of barter system], priceless elevated experiences or personal upliftment cannot but get undervalued. In a world where a software engineer in his twenties earns for his company or self- three hundred dollars per day for writing say less than 300 hundred lines of code, whereas a dancer who has to practice for 300 hundred hours for a 30 minutes performance is probably expected to perform free – the commitment to become a devoted dancer can only be felt and seen to be understood. More so for an ambitious person like Lara with a Masters from one of the leading universities of the world. The decision to take up dancing, over an impactful and luxurious corporate career, says it all. Lara’s stunning beauty and poise as a dancer which juxtapose to mesmerize, add to the heig…

Basic Instincts

Over the past decade or so, I have had the most amazing journey of knowing myself through my instincts. I have had a lifetime opportunity to bare in front of my eyes the myriad instincts that engulf me: elevating instincts, healthy instincts, harmless instincts, mediocre instincts and harmful instincts. Some of them I overuse [read abuse], others I consciously try to avoid. Needless to say, there are many others deeply embedded in my psyche of which I am yet unaware. But I am delighted when I look back upon the path - rather imperfectly treaded – and relish the multitude trials and tribulations I have confronted myself with joyously and with reducing shame.

Persevering to identify and ward off the mediocre instincts – many of them a conditionings of an imagined physiological affliction and many others a conditioning of a foolish, misplaced fear – has been fun. The most difficult part of the process of accepting something. Once accepted it will require due commitment to self-accountab…

Pondering over ‘The Secret’

The last time when you won a close game didn’t you know the results much before you have actually won? Was it your hunch which helped you guess the victory in advance? Or was it your victorious feeling which attracted victory to you.

Well, that is principle what Rhonda Byrne is promoting through the amazing book ‘The Secret’ and similar other books that she has written. At a scientific plane, what she says is that frequency we carry and create are the frequencies we attract to ourselves from the universe. This follows the principle of ‘resonance’ and is easy to understand. As a corollary, if we carry a particular type of feelings [which are but vibrations with a particular frequency] all the time, then we attract more of the same to us. If we have good feelings – as an outcome of positive images – we get more of positive outcomes. If we fear bad things to happen to us and carry their bad feelings, then we are more likely to have more opportunity to generate such bad feelings within u…