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For a religion or a product, an open door policy will work best

In the recent past, we have been witness to catchy rhetoric with regards to religious conversion. Strident calls to banning conversion, Ghar Wapsi, Love Jihad et al. I would like to stick my neck out and say almost everyone, right (‘bhakts’), left (‘liberals’), centre (government), has missed out on the most balanced perspective.
A person has a right to choose a city and country different from his parents, he or she can also change his or her name given by the parents, what is wrong with the person choosing a religion different from he or she was born with.
Religion is an experiential product. Products thrive when they are responsive to customer feedback. We go to five-star hotel to get pampered, if we are unhappy with the service we may not return. If the hotel has a problem with service quality, then over a period of time it will lose substantial business; then either it will buckle up based on customer feedback or will go out of business. That is exactly relevant for a religion too.…
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Beating Procrastination

Most of us, rather all of us have been afflicted with procrastination to a lesser or greater degree at different points in time of our lives. Irrespective of the form of procrastination, it is not an indulgence. In the sense it is not ‘lazing’. The core trigger is invariably a sub-conscious mix of an irrational fear associated with the process of performing the tasks involved and a pessimism relating to the associated outcomes. These are debilitating triggers that manifest in myriad ways.
All of us in the past must have many times successfully overcome procrastination (especially when it is in the realm of the conscious) by sheer will power. And, justifiably would have felt good about ourselves. The reality is, use of will-power (or force) will not work more often than not, for the same reason why we cannot kill a child’s stage fright (or any other fright) through shouting and coercing. The risk of using too much of force is that, it may become a battle of winning or losing, If we lose…

Brexit - Britain is slipping

Seventy years earlier, Britain withdrew from most of its colonies. Now Britain has decided to withdraw from the EU.

 The British acumen was one of the most dominant in the world in the 18th and 19th centuries. The British leveraged the value of globalisation through trade and colonisation.  It had the confidence and gumption to tread into unchartered territories and exert its durable influence. It could expand and amass wealth and prestige. That was that time (and up until the middle of the 20th century), the sun did not set in the British Empire.

The world order changed post the WW-II. The relative influence of the British substantially reduced; though it did remain a major force. It retained its competitive edge and standard of living because of the wealth it has accumulated over the past couple of centuries.

However, in the last 70 years, guess the British wealth creation and gumption continued to slip - despite the pound notionally gaining in value. We now are in a situation wher…

Aja – A Celebration of Life

I was a late entrant into Aja’a life, but during the few years I knew him he left a distinct impression in my mind. The first thoughts that come to my mind, when I think of Aja- is that is he was a celebration of life. He was everything that a copy book story dreams of. A full and an eventful life.

Up until that very day that he had a fateful brain stroke on an early Monday morning, after he slipped into a state of semi-coma and in-cognition, Aja was an air of authority and in total control of his own kingdom. He wrote in his diary almost daily –recording the finances in fair detail and neatly recording the eventful happenings of the day. He had a very strong sense of what he wanted to do or didn’t want to do. More often than not he preferred to walk to the bathroom or to the dining table without any help. He was the master of his own will. Needless to say, added to his sense of security was the feeling that he was the boss of the house.
He was a contented man. Justifiably happy wit…