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A Fortune of Shame

The other day I read that Mother Teresa had once remarked “‘The brain is getting smarter, but the heart is not catching up.”; as a response to the query ‘..why, with all the scientific and technological advances, more couldn’t be done to help the unfortunate’? More such questions have lingered on, - why are there unfortunate people in the first place? and what is being unfortunate?
Is being unfortunate, being in a constant state of stress? Which then manifests in negative energy in myriad forms at all levels – viz. eco-system, country, community, workplace, family and self.
Earning levels for a family or a community are not likely to have the most dominant correlation  with being ‘unfortunate’ as there are large number of people in lower incomes levels who are not unfortunate. Putting it differently – if we substantially increase income levels of an ‘unfortunate’ person or family or community – will they necessarily cease to be unfortunate?
The fundamental reason why we ever get unfortun…