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What is Corruption?

It is good that Indians of all hue [white, green and black] and geography are coming out to raise their voice against corruption. At least it is a significant deviation from the typical behavior of looking the other way or sometimes not even noticing an anomaly!

So, what this means is, large sections of people are feeling cheated by the large scale and institutionalized commissions and omissions. We are feeling the heat and for once want to give it back to those who are apparently generating it.

But what is this thing called ‘corruption’ and where does it come from? My understanding corruption is simply the ugly side of the coin called convenience. The urge to let convenience bypass our values. To honk and scare away a passerby or a co-user of a public road, to jump a queue, to pay 500 rupees extra to an agent get a train ticket – knowing fully well he will grease the ticket position up, to want a subordinate to suck-up and wait for us for a meeting, to not let another person complet…