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The Possible Gain, We Hope Not Gainsay

We will most certainly at different points in time witness, in our lives, the entire canvass of emotions – bliss, delight, serenity, peace, nostalgia, melancholy, grief etc. That is the beauty of life and that is what is probably meant by the richness of experience. While we are wont to bask in the glory of the emotions of laughter and affection - it is these emotions that sow the seeds of sanity and goodliness; and impart the self assurance required for overall optimism in life and living – the emotions associated with ‘pain’ are the ones which give us our sanity check. They help us gain core wisdom about life and living. At one end of the spectrum they show us the value of laughter and affection; at the other end of the spectrum, they can teach us the importance of nurturing them with enormous sincerity and sustainable values & habits. These situations give us the foundations of our wisdom and providence.

The biggest challenge - and concomitantly the opportunity of an invaluable gift – is how to mould ourselves in a sustainable manner without changing our core values [that most certainly, and probably alone, carry the pristine innocence and have the ingredients of lasting peace and happiness]. In such situations, the look before you leap [judge, decide, internalize a new conditioning] maxim is most valuable. Quite rationally the first reaction is to quell the pain – but the choice is – whether we get drowned in the existential duel to quell the external manifestations first or do we overcome the inner maladies [essentially, multifarious variants of ‘cocooned’ insecurities] before effortlessly taking on the minor deviant stimuli. Ironically, the most intuitive response is to change the world. Ironically – because changing the world is like the most impossible task of drying up the ocean. At best we just manage to shift the reference of the problem – either temporally or experientially – at worst it presents us with a justification to change our innate godly core values.

Interestingly it is experiencing of the pain long enough to understand its machinations and root causes helps us create appropriate response to its long term almost cosmic - ayurvedic or homeopathic cure. Else the urge for immediate allopathic jettisoning will dominate and is more likely to just shift the manifestations. In that sense, pain endured till it is understood is like inner happiness and health restored. On the other hand pain quickly and compulsively shunned is like the malady suppressed temporarily to lurk its head later in some other queer form.

So! Thats it. More of a roundabout and prosaic way of singing the gain of pain :). Actually this is the topic has the potential to be described in a lovely poem.

Hv an enjoyable day ahead.

Jan 5, 2010
0500 Hours


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