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Political Jumble (May 2013) I - BJP in Disarray

The election bugle has been set off. Karnataka has been to the polls today, almost half the states will be going to the polls in the next 12 month and the general election scheduled in 2014. Poll bytes are everywhere. Of the large numbers of plots and sub-plots in the political jumble, two observations intrigue me the most.

BJP is in disarray: We cannot write BJP off now. If luck would have it, BJP may still get to the gaddi next year. And get even with the voters in the inexplicability quotient – i.e it relinquished power in 2004 when it shouldn’t have and if it wins in 2014, it will win when it will have done nothing to deserve it. The UPA is in shambles. It is getting the worst press ever for any Indian government, I strongly suspect they have the worst press in any democratically elected government currently. But even then there is just no certainty that the UPA will lose elections next time around. Why? The BJP has not managed to convert the dis-satisfaction into an anti-wave. 

The BJP is apparently in a shameful direction and leadership deficit. Where is Mr. Advani now? No policy statements, no clarity on what BJP would different if it would come to power, who are the potential/visible ministers [are their 50 weighty leaders?]. BJP has been reduced to rhetoric and parliament stalling. With such clueless and insipid response to UPA’s woes BJP’s traditional loyalists are looking for options and fence-sitters do not automatically have BJP in the consideration list. Dangerous situations to be in, in an election year. In addition, the BJP does not seem to be taking any visible initiative in correcting the electoral arithmetic that led to their downfall in the last two elections. 

State by state, in a focused manner – your election managers need to get the equations right. Get the alliances where possible, create splinter groups eating into UPA elsewhere. UPA, you have an opportunity in a platter and now what you are doing is just waiting for further magic without any action. The point is made. No point going further. BJP bosses please wake-up. I want to cast my vote for you for the Lok Sabha, give me a chance.

May 5, 2013


  1. In 1 years time, BJP has turned the tide. The difference is Modi. Hate him or love thing needs to respect his strategic acumen, team building and execution strength.

    Not sure, whether he will bcom PM or whether he is PM material...but for one thing...he has got BJP knocking at the doors of Delhi.



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