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Destiny in Randomness

Thought deficit is a temporary state of self-perception. How long or short the state persists depends upon how large a role we let randomness to play. We may wait for a probabilistic stimulant to give us a transient boost or we may passively let the mental ruffles to dissipate at the their own pace and ready ourselves for another probabilistic state of exhilaration. Sometime we maybe a little more proactive we may programmatically search for a specific stimulant  to earn a temporary tryst with freedom. The outcomes of all of the above responses are inevitably inter-wined with ‘random’ events, which have their own set of ‘expected’ outcomes based on individual contexts. Stochastically speaking, that is aligning ourselves with our pre-ordianed ‘destiny’.

Sometimes, I have a love for the abstruse! And nuanced mental games associated with it. That’s probably another program, an addiction.

Shedding the maths or rather stats, in simpler words, whether creativity (or its concomitant – action) is a mood driven factor  or is it something that can be had on demand (or a voluntary state) is the moot point. When creativity becomes a mood or stimuli driven factor, then it reinforces our destiny. In the sense, the current mood/stimuli is a factor or our destiny and hence future, which is a factor of our current mood, is also our destiny. It probably can then be predicted. Few people could be innately more endowed and hence right stimuli (involuntary or external) more often than others thus leading to better outcomes – but it is still destiny pre-ordained. Ironically actions with an involuntary drift program our destiny.

At the other end of the spectrum, when creativity or its concomitant is made to manifest on demand through self-awareness – it is then, ‘destiny created’ not pre-ordained. For most of us destiny is pre-fixed; because most of us are a slave of our moods or inner wirings. When we have the inspiration to challenge our mood and keep it under a leash – then we inevitably re-wire our destiny and put it on a path of constant change. Destiny then is a factor of our proactive imagination and our positive vibes and starts charting an upward progressive spiral with limitless potential.

The degree of control that we have on changing the course of our destiny is entirely controlled by decision on whether we want to take charge and drive our instincts or let them steer us. Whether we feed our innate insatiable wisdom to challenge, unlearn, re-learn, re-wire, adapt and evolve or whether we let our basic instincts of fear and survival take charge of us and make us chart in the narrow self-validation terrain of familiar situations and comfort zones. That defines whether we are driving our lives or whether we are driven by predictable randomness.

The reality is we all have our wirings - most sustainable, some progressive and a few regressive. We all have our moments of awareness and opportunities to re-wire. In fact the urge to re-wire is also a wiring. The dance of the interplay of different wirings decide the dominant strain - of us letting a random drift script our destiny or our re-scripting our own destiny through voluntary actions.
May 5, 2013


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