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The Panacea of Poetry and Prose - II

….For sustained and inner happiness one requires on one hand, an absolutely relaxed state of mind which is unfettered from worldly stresses – even though not its pressures and pulls. One the other, continuous positive activities across multiple dimensions [e.g. family, relationships, charity, spiritual, remunerative, financial that can lead to holistic growth and excellence. A cucumber like cool mind that helps us look at the bigger picture at all points in time – something that gives us the necessary space to take on more things and evolve ourselves continuously to internalize and achieve a excellence. That’s the only combination that can give us both peace and a sense of purpose at all points in time. It is important to reiterate, that here we are talking of peace and multi-dimensional purposefulness playing on each other for total excellence. There will be many examples of ‘excellence’ and ‘peace’ without each other – but it is easy picking that in such cases neither the ‘excellence’ nor the ‘peace’ as the case maybe would be close to levels one is intrinsically capable of or deserves.

I agree this is actually quite trite – not at all poetic prose and had this told in verses might have been better qualified as prosaic poetry. No! Not fair at all. This says nothing that is not understood already. But the fact that both these states tend to diverge from each other so often and with so many of us; is what got tempted to write a piece on this all over once again. There are umpteen so many situations where in a state of peacefulness – we tend to get less active & less purposeful and when we get industrious we tend to lose perspective.

The irony is that even though it is a universal aspiration and need; both these paths have tended to diverge in the evolution of man-kind. This, despite the many million years of evolution in our kitty. For some inexplicable reason – aren’t most human minds have been wired to do either neither of these two states or at best only one of them? This is biggest failure of human race. Why is it so? I don’t have an answer to this question. But it seems a certainty that the pursuit of an uninhibited yet relaxed state of mind as an end in itself – till relaxed and uninhibited come in unison and become one and the same. This is probably a manifestation of a higher Spiritual Quotient and this probably is solution to the situation. In fact, this is the golden mantra what all seers have had searched for from Buddha thousands of years back to Vivekananda & Gandhi closer to our times. It looks like spiritual anchor is the only tested path which scientifically tries to bring closer the Poetry and Prose together to create the Panacea. Worth adding, that a spiritual state can get developed in everything we do – from motorcycle maintenance to martial arts – and every other thing or situation that we engage in [definitely the ones that are a source of delight ]. C’mon, again, lets do it!!


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