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Beauty is everything
That touches the core
The partner’s love, the parents’ care
The workers joy, and the creators ahoy!

Beauty pervades the sweaty sinews,
Beatific smiles
And complex mathematics
When bestowed with an uncomplicated innocence
And the silence
Of connected solitude.
As it is decisive action
When delivered with lively compassion

Beauty, then, is in the transcendental clairvoyance,
Which whispers into our ears
When to embrace to our intuitive call
And when to numb our indulgent instincts.

And the joyous wisdom which
Accepts life’s fallibilities
And values the striving to soar  
Both, in the same slice of time

Well, beauty is all, that aids in our march
To unearth the simple inner truth
While, awaking and embracing inert cells and souls
And resonating with our pristine cosmic twin

April 16, 2013 / Revised Apr 23, 2013


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