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Clarity of Purpose & Path and Continuity of Efforts

I have always tried to zero in on the necessary and maybe also sufficient conditions to be successful. Successful both in terms of personal benchmarks and also in terms of universal paradigms of being healthy, happy and productive.
For many years I have had many hypothesis. Some those were junked quickly, and some others dumped after being held dearer for a longer period. Very recently, I seem to have further fine tuned my understanding and like is most issues – settled for the simplified and almost clichéd message.

Despite the obviousness of the message – I wanted to write about it again. Because it is probably missed by many, if not most. Certainly during long patches by yours truly. The reason for writing, is not to try to further justify the message. But to introspect aloud as to how many of us can miss them less often.

Clarity of Purpose & Path – howsoever easy it seems, it is a wily animal – as I have found. It is very easy to point out when friend or a family member or a colleague our organization or our government are missing out on clarity. But it is difficult to do the same for ourselves. More importantly, each one of us have our own blind spots and we want to choose our path that covers/justifies our weaknesses but not one that overcomes it. As a result of which we miss out on the basics of prioritization and continuously revisiting our prioritization. There are no universal tactics.

The slip on continuity of efforts is a better understood gaffe. Partly it is because of the energy sapping confused purpose and path; and the other reason is because of either we are too eager or too tired/unsure. Both ways, we cannot will ourselves beyond fits and starts.

The solution for both is calmer mind. There is no other alternative. A calmer mind is more humble and accepts weakness faster, also a calmer mind is more assured and is better equipped to confront and overcome blind spots. Also a calmer better understands self. Thus leading to better prioritization [read path] and also clearer purpose. Similarly, a calmer mind is like an relaxed gurgling rivulet. It can keep at a constant pace till eternity – keep at its job with assurance and persuasiveness.

All this lead to another simple, clichéd message. Clarity and continuity are a result of calmness – which in turn in about mingling with the cosmos – that is enhancing one’s spiritual quotient. There is no other alternate path to universal paradigms of success – health, happiness and productivity – necessarily in that order.
October 15, 2011


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