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hail rahul

".....but ego and anger are like cholesterol and sugar in the blood; eventually they will get you...."

folk - this is something i had to share....this is what harsha bhogle wrote in his blog abt rahul, post sabina win.....earlier in the morn..i read something which i read the rahul said, post the win...n i wanted to blog abt it....but the day has started...n it seems the blog idea will quite likely day w/o being 'unmuddled'.. so lemme do with one of those very far n very few in between fb status updates instead....and get closer to my 1 page a day :P

coming back to this just struck a insight i believe cdnt hv been put in a manner....that cant but be better explain..

hv a great day!!

ps: rahul had talked to weather the storm....just holding ground when the red cherry, whirled by an inspired pacer aided by a conditions,..whizzes just needs to hang around....conditions will get better...loose deliveries will be bolwed....n batting will get easier..........well rahul the philosopher batsman....isnt it the philosophy of life....anything u do...just hang around with optimism..

hail rahul. :)

pps: hv a great day!! again.

jun 24, 2011
written as fb status update / note



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