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Winners Loss and Losers Win…

I am the person who believes, that winning is a conditioning and so is losing. In that sense winners are winners and losers and losers. I don’t intend to open a Pandora’s box by changing the dictum. But then there is a winner’s loss as much as there is a winner’s curse. We all know that. Similarly the opposite of winners curse is a losers win. So the point is made. And the piece may end here.

But then, it would be more of a tweet and not a blog. And am not twitter yet. So let me go on to explain the re-worded title. This is hardly any universal dictum and to a large extent contextual to the people and place involved. As an example, many times in sports we must of heard of a player cruising through an easy draw and suddenly succumbing in a tight match. Or the opposite, a player sweating out a tough match and then using the grilling to dust out the rust and play to win against tougher opposition.

So there it is, my losers gain is the opportunity to reflect and learn from a reversal. And if one has the Ghanznesque perseverance, the booty is in store for sure. That the losers win. A opportunity to get better and better. The pre-requisite being a continuous urge for self-growth and an ability to re-wind and look for nooks for improvement in ones psyche and arsenal. The loss just being a trigger.

Clearly, this loss is a preparation is a future win and a caveat is apt. The loss can be a win, only when we accept the failure and not justify. I learn from a failure best, when I take the entire blame on myself. In such a case, the gains are most. Even if the entire blame is not mine – the entire learning is mine and life long.

In the contrary, the winners trophy is ephemeral. The moment the the winner kisses the trophy and uncork the champagne. The winner runs a genuine risk of not covering his flaws for the next time around and give the close second best a chance to get past. Winners must have made mistakes during a win and need to reflect over that to sustain a winning streak [recollect the oft heard one-liner, ‘reaching the top is easy, staying there isn’t’].

The other caveat of the losers-win opportunity – is the loss has to culminate in a real win and not just an opportunity for a win in a reasonable time frame. We need to change enough and question enough to script a flourish in good time, else can be conditioning failure. This is very less likely to happen [perseverant people have some marvelous wins to show] but still a possibility and needs objective self questioning again and again.

As a note of caution and another upside down point, as the winners are likely to make mistake during a win – a loser would also do some things right enroute a loss. The message – while introspecting too hard and changing the self, lets make sure to scrap just the flab and not the meat.

The summary, evolve continuously and objectively to maintain a winning spree and halt any losing streak. Lose the battles and win the war. Be cautious in a win and savour the learnings of a loss. And this dictum is relevant for every role a woman/man plays in each of the different stages of ones life.

October 24, 2010
Ps: Sorry for the boring weekend filler….would have liked something more humorous piece..but better that having nothing to show..:)


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